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Song of the Day
Not Your Savior
6 mal von 2 Personen gehört
Unlucky seventeen,
Already handed plans for the future
Glamour obsessed, told how to dress,
and shown how to think
And I don't have a job,
but I can show you how to be a slob
Die SP Charts
1Disparate Youth ✓✇ • (Santigold)4 WSAME
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Die meisten Hörer
Linkin Park - Numb ✓✇1.41334
Linkin Park - In The End ✓✇1.08134
The Bloodhound Gang - The bad touch 52434
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters ✓✎✇1.45632
Linkin Park - Faint ✓✇1.06232
Linkin Park - Breaking the Habit ✓✇89532
Linkin Park - Somewhere I belong ✓✇64732
Billy Talent - Red Flag ✓✇78631
Aerzte - Lasse Redn ✓✇51931
System Of A Down - Chop Suey ✓✇66630
Die fleißigsten Hörer
UserPC MonatPC GesamtLetzte Aktivität
Foultier0197.62807.12.14 14:39:59
Lolo0191.51808.01.16 22:39:42
Ob3rst0110.35022.11.13 20:36:50
killervirus066.68022.05.18 22:41:30
Chief060.08427.03.15 13:52:38
raven057.01302.11.21 12:50:59
PePPeR056.95804.05.13 17:06:28
Dartz4055.71012.01.13 17:24:18
Jules055.35320.04.15 06:16:25
Traube049.33222.07.13 17:09:35
Am meisten gespielt
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters ✓✎✇1.45632
Linkin Park - Numb ✓✇1.41334
Linkin Park - In The End ✓✇1.08134
Linkin Park - From the Inside ✓✇1.08128
Metallica - Enter Sandman ✓✇1.06725
Linkin Park - Lying from You ✓✇1.06328
Linkin Park - Faint ✓✇1.06232
Metallica - The Unforgiven ✓✇1.05622
Rammstein - Sonne ✓✇1.02625
Linkin Park - Figure.09 (Part of Me) ✓✇98625
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Die beliebtesten Interpreten
Linkin Park106.155
System Of A Down39.932
Pearl Jam39.369
Red Hot Chili Peppers26.202
Papa Roach23.914
Rise Against22.712

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